3 Ways Localized Content Can Help You Dominate

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No matter how small, nor how local, your business is, it can use quality localized content to crush competition. Simply slapping together a website is no longer enough to draw in traffic, turn visitors into leads, then convert them to sales. You have to create content and content that is both targeted and localized content, will always serve your business best.

Even if you serve an older population, consumers of all ages have been trained to make informed decisions by researching products and services online. Here are 3 ways you can use content marketing to increase traffic to your site, increase leads, and generate more sales online:

  1. Articles to Inform

A common resistance to using content as a marketing platform is “my business is too small, and besides, my service/product/business is too boring. No one wants to read about it.”

No matter what you sell or which services you provide, potential customers will want to learn about it for one reason: they want to know how it will benefit them.

You know your product and service inside and out. You know the benefits, the features. But, do your customers know?

Informative articles help in two ways:

  • They let your customers know what you can offer them, why they need your product or service, and shows them why you’re the best choice for them
  • Well written content, with a strong SEO focus, dominates local searches on Google, exposing your business to thousands of customers who might not have found you otherwise

Google loves high quality content. Your customers do, too. By writing informative articles, posting videos on your site and company YouTube page, and linking to both from the company Facebook page will get your site found by potential customers searching for a solution.

A Simple Way To Use Your CMS To Localize Your Content

A Simple Way To Use Your CMS To Localize Your Content for a Global Customer Experience

Not convinced? Consider that DemandMetric reports that: “Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3x’s as many leads.”

  • Studies by HubSpot show that websites with 1,000+ pages capture 800% more leads than sites with 100-pages or less. 1,000 can seem daunting, but if you are blogging 2 – 4 times per week, your site’s page count will skyrocket

 localized content

  1. Video, Pictures, Articles to Show Off Your Work

Articles are an awesome way to inform and draw-in traffic. But, pictures and video put your best work on display.’s report on Video Marketing showed that:

  • Adding a video to a landing page increased conversions by 80%
  • 64% of customers were more likely to buy after watching a video
  • 90% of customers reported that videos help them make their decision to buy

Mix informative videos, before-and-after videos, and short clips of customer testimonials for maximum impact.

  1. Use Testimonials as Content

What your customers say about you is powerful. Studies show that –% of customers base their decisions on a company’s or product’s review.

Testimonials, text or video, are also a great way to create location-specific content. If John Doe from Deer Park Flordia leaves you a review raving about your Air Conditioning Repair Service, you have a new article with a location-specific title that will outrank yoru competitors in Google. And, after you’re found, potential customers are reading what someone just like them had to say about you. Double win.

Never overthink things, keep it simple with localized content and when in doubt go back to this flow diagram:

Simple Content Strategy Flow Diagram

Simple Content Strategy Flow Diagram



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