How Negative Reviews Can Kill Your Business or Mobile App

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The iOS and Android stores are now the entry point for so many businesses. They have become the new check out counter, the digital point of sale. Can you imagine if when you bought your groceries the person at the check out told you the food you were buying was rotten? Can you imagine those kind of negative reviews, well guess what? Those same negative reviews could be killing your app and ultimately your business.

Here we outline how the main reasons that those negative reviews can be the end of your app.

Allow Bad Reviews to Fester

Every app or business gets a negative review occasionally. Even mega-companies like Amazon, Disney, and Google receive vitriolic reviews from angry customers. If you’ve sold more than one unit, or serviced more than one client, a bad review will be coming your way soon enough.

It could be from a customer with a legitimate gripe. It could be from an ex-employee, competitor, or just the local kook looking to rant online. It can be from someone that doesn’t know what your app is really about or downloaded it by mistake. It will happen, and you have to deal with it.

This is where most small, local businesses kill themselves. They either:

  • Ignore the bad review, allowing it to sit there, fermenting, and stinking up the good reviews around it
  • Respond to the negative with more negativity. Name-calling, long, drawn-out responses, and fighting on review sites makes you look crazy and unprofessional
  • Try to bury it with fake, positive reviews
The iOS App Store Review

The iOS App Store Review

Why Ignoring is a Terrible Idea

All reviews, positive or negative, should receive a response. Sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook allow customers and a business to reply to reviews. Letting negatives go unchallenged gives them legitimacy. It also makes your company look lazy and uncaring.

In most cases, the best thing to do is reply with a brief, friendly message, encouraging them to contact you. Leave your phone number, email, and website. This shows other customers that while a problem may occur, you own up to it, and invite a dialogue for resolution.

Don’t apologize. Don’t fight. Just be professional and invite contact.

If you have no record of this customer, say so. But, still extending the invitation to contact your company.

This Infographic Shows How Reviews Impact Your App or Business

This Infographic Shows How Reviews Impact Your App or Business

Fighting Back Will Cost You Money

No one has ever won a fight on the internet. They typically devolve into personal attacks, and both sides end up looking terrible.

You’re passionate about your business. You want to defend it from unwarranted negative attacks. But, getting into a virtual shouting match will lose you a tremendous amount of credibility with other customers.

If the review is long, rambling, and hateful, responding politely with an invitation to contact projects a confident, professional image for your company.

Fake Reviews Poison Real Reviews

Adding a string of “gee, you guys are great” reviews following any negatives is a cheap tactic that will eventually backfire. Even the most uninformed consumer can spot a phony review from a million miles away.

Overly cheerful, carefully worded testimonials only work in infomercials. Real reviews are specific (they had to replace the T-valve, but they gave me that part for free), may contain misspellings, and are unpolished. But, they appeal to other customers.

Instead of piling on the phony, get on the ball and solicit real reviews from your customers. Offer incentives, and help them figure out how to post. Studies show that losing one “Star” on your Yelp review can cost you up to 3% in yearly revenue. Burying a bad review in authentic positives will get that star back, and stop your business from losing sales.

If you listen to this advice you can turn your negative reviews into positive reviews.

Great Reviews of Clash of Clans

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