Why Use Google Adwords Extensions?

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Inbound marketers should use SEM and Google AdWords to amplify their organic efforts. If done in collaboration with a content strategy and an organic search engine optimization effort then AdWords extensions can provide 5 key benefits to your inbound marketing effort.

Adwords Extensions 2

Breakdown of Adwords Extensions


5 Key Benefits of Adwords Extensions

1) They Will Improve Your Click Through Rates

Google Adwords Extensions can provide added methods for searchers to find, connect and engage with your SEM advertising campaign. This allows those that engage with your advertising to learn more about your product and increase the likelihood that your persuasive marketing works on them. Searchers will be sent directly to the landing page from the call to action (CTA) thus also improving the customer experience.


2) Increased Exposure Of Your Ads

Using Ad Extensions lets your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising take up more real estate within the Google SERPs. This allows your ads to stand out from the others, and creates the perception with users that you are spending more on your ads, thus a more serious company. Ads with extensions tend to look much more insightful and dynamic than those without extensions.


3) The Right Information At The Right Time

Extensions will allow for you to push specific information to your customers at the ideal time. This is particularly good with reputational based content and information such as reviews. It will allow you to provide your customer with the ideal customer experience of receiving what they need, when they need it.


4) Gives An Improved User Experience

In recent updates, such as Panda, Google has put an emphasis on the customer experience, by basing ad visibility on the relevancy of the ad. Since you are giving more information about your business, your product and services, then your relevancy will increase as those that click will know what to expect and therefore spend more time on site. This will increase your overall quality score of your ads and the performance.


5) No Additional Fee, But More Precious Clicks

Ad Extensions cost you nothing extra to implement but they historically perform much better than a traditional headline ad. With having a more informed searcher, and a customer experience that lands them on the page you are searching for, these clicks are much more valuable to your business.

Call Extensions Are Highly Effective

Call Extensions Are Highly Effective

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