2 Quick Website Fixes To Increase Lead Generation

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Quick Website Fixes can be critically in improving your website performance but remember you can also make quick website fixes to improve your lead generation efforts.

  1. Bad Title Tags

This belongs in SEO 101, but many businesses continue to make this mistake.

Title Tags and how they show on Google

Title Tags and how they show on Google

Every page, blog, article, picture, and video on your site needs a well-written, descriptive, search-engine-and-user friendly title. Don’t go to the trouble of crafting 350-words of content garnished with slick, well-paired pictures only to blow it on the title.

Remember that search engines read your website from the inside, and from the top-down. After your site name, one of the first things Google sees is the title of the page.

Writing a title that sounds natural to the reader while also utilizing your keywords can be tricky, but everyone can do it with practice. Blogs, for example, are a great area to use title tags to bring in long-tail, location-specific traffic.

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If you run a pest control business in Phoenix, the most obvious title for a blog or page would be:

Pest Control Phoenix AZ

That’s a good start, though your competitors are probably using that title already. In that case, make your content better. Then, create new content with a similar title, but more focused:

  • Reviews of Pest Control Services in Phoenix, AZ
  • Phoenix AZ Pest Control Customer Reviews
  • Bill’s Pest Control in Phoenix: Testimonials

Using reviews is a great way to create new content while varying the page title to rank well, and if done properly, will get you a double or triple listing on page one of Google. For most local search markets, this is not only possible, but should be happening for most of your keywords.

  • Remember to do this for every page, article, blog, etc. Don’t stuff keywords, but make sure both your customers and Google know what the page is about, instantly.


  1. Contact Info on Every Page

Again, this is out of SEO 101, but make sure that your contact info, and a Call-to-Action is present on every single page of your site. Many small businesses limit their contact info to the header of their site, and the contact page. Having your company’s email and phone number in the header is a great idea. But, never underestimate how much glancing and skimming your customer is doing while on your site.

We use SumoMe for our Content Forms and Overlays

We use SumoMe for our Content Forms and Overlays

Chances are, they’re bouncing around your site’s pages, blogs, etc. They’re also sitting with their TV on, the dogs barking, and the kids dashing around the living room. Their full focus is not always on you.

Do not make them hunt for your contact info. Include clickable links with your phone number and email on every page. Don’t be shy about sprinkling them throughout your content. The less your customers have to think, the more likely they are to take action on your site.

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SumoMe Interface

These quick website fixes can be easily implemented by yourself or your website team and will reap rewards with SEO, content optimization and helping increase your clicks on the SERPs and Mobile SERPs.

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