Growth Hacking Your Facebook Account

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Facebook advertising is the new frontier. Firms specializing it are appearing all the time. However there is plenty of organic growth tactics that small businesses and entrepreneurs can use to organically grow their Facebook following. Retaliate1st lists our favorite growth hack to boost your Facebook following:

Growth Hacking Your Facebook Following

  1. Write Great Ads, But Tell a Story

Facebook ads are not Google Ads. Repeat that 10,000 times, take a break, then repeat it 10,000 more.

Facebook ads can be unbelievably effective, but only if you make the feel like they’re part of the conversation. Remember, users can X-out your ad and leave feedback for Facebooks ads team. This means your ads are being evaluated. Come off as a carnival-barker and you’ll find your cost per click skyrocketing.


But, if you write the ads in a way that include your customer in a really interesting conversation, you’ll gain followers (leads).

Make sure you use colorful, bright pictures and captivating video along with your ads.

  1. Use the Best Images Possible

Tune all pictures and images to 300dpi. If you need a photo edited, have a pro do it. Remember, your customers are seeing your feed on a variety of screens – lap tops, tablets, phones of all sizes – therefore it’s best to have your picture match Facebook’s standards exactly. This allows it to be seen in crystal-clear clarity no matter where your customer is viewing it.

  1. Tell Great Stories

Just like with ads, your posts should tell a story. Conversational content is the way to go on Facebook, because people are looking for information and entertainment on the social media giant’s site. It doesn’t matter what your product or service is, or how boring you think it might be, stories are a great way to engage your audience and get content shared.


What if you’re a plumber who specializes in snaking drains? Isn’t that too boring of a subject to create engaging content?


Do you have customers? Do you have testimonials from those customers? Ever pulled something crazy out of a drain? A wedding ring, cash, teeth, or something else of great value to your customer?

There’s your story. Testimonials can be turned into “this happened to someone just like you, and here’s how we helped” stories.

Growing Your Facebook Leads

If you do home improvements or sell cool tech gear, creating fun content should be no problem.

  1. Lead with Benefits

We just talked about not being pushy with sales tactics. But, one golden rule of sales still applies: always tell your customer why clicking your ad, following you, or liking your content will benefit them.

Product ads are easy – you have discounts, sales, free stuff to offer.


Services – free estimates, free inspections, referral bonuses, how-to tips

Remember that there are thousands of companies competing for your customer’s attention on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, their phone, TV, billboards, and newspapers. Most are missing the boat by not offering a benefit to their potential clients.

Let them know that following your Facebook posts will help them learn more, live more comfortably, improve their home or lifestyle, or save them money.

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