How To Optimize Your Thank You Pages to Increase Sales

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Every page of your business website counts. Don’t waste one of the most important pages, the ‘Thank You’ page. Many businesses do this by leading buyers to a simple, near-blank page with little more than “Thank you for your order, check your email for the receipt.” If developed properly, the Thank You page can help you increase sales. It can also help gain social media followers, and build brand awareness. Wouldn’t you do anything to increase sales, so check out the Retaliate1st guide to increase sales. 5 Ways to Optimize Your Thank You Pages to Increase Sales Link to Your Strongest Content Adding links to blogs and articles related to their purchase is a great way to keep your customers on your site while they’re in a buying state of mind. If your content is informative, but pulls them toward a sale, you will increase your sales just by driving “hot” traffic to these pages. Plus, the extra views on these pages will help with Google’s rankings, so you win even if your customer doesn’t make a second purchase. Show Off Your Testimonials Listing your best reviews and testimonials on your thank you page helps in two ways: It helps reassure your customer that they’ve made a safe purchase, so it decreases buyer’s remorse It shows your customer that you’re a great company, and gets them excited to do business with you again If you link to strong content (as in number 1) under your testimonials, you should see a spike in both page views and sales. New Product Debut Debut a New Product Have something new that’s not on your site yet, or hasn’t been promoted heavily? Are you thinking of coming out with a new product or service? Show it to your customers while they’re still in a buyer’s mindset. If…

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How To Optimize Web Forms for More Leads

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Leads are the life-blood of any sales driven organization. Businesses focus on ways to create more sales opportunities and that means that leads become critical. While driving traffic is important, it is also critical to make sure there is a system in place to capture those leads as they come in. This is why Retaliate1st recommends making an effort to optimize your lead generation via perfecting your web forms. Here we list our 4 ways to optimize web forms for more leads. 4 Ways to Optimize Web Forms for More Leads Don’t Neglect Your Headline Almost all lead forms come with a space for a headline. Most companies waste this opportunity to gain a lead. You may be super excited about your product or service, but to the stranger who just landed on your page, you are just another business trying to get their email address. What can you do to turn stranger danger into a new business relationship? Promise something that they want, and deliver on it. But, get to the point. Your form’s headline should promise a benefit for your visitor – an ebook, a discount, free stuff, etc. Don’t waste prime site real estate being pithy or cute. Promise something that they want, then give it to them. Don’t Ask Too Many Questions Or, ask the bare minimum. Studies by Marketing Experiments have shown, over and over, that the more fields you add to a lead form, the lower your opt-in rate. If you’re giving away a White Paper or Discount, then you may only need their email. First Name is usually a safe bet, too. Last Name is going to lower opt-ins a bit. Do you need their phone number? If you do, ask for it. If you’re selling a high-ticket item or service, or you set leads over the phone, then get the…

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3 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Photos

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When it comes to marketing on Instagram, you can subscribe to a lot of theories on what works, but the one common thread among all marketers, and the research, is that your Instagram campaigns live and die with the quality of your Instagram photos. Better Instagram photos = more views, more likes, more engagement and more sales. With that in mind, let’s take a look at 3 ways to improve your marketing on Instagram, through better Instagram photos: How To Improve Your Instagram Photos Use Your Phone’s Native Camera App Using your phone’s camera is a better option than using Instagram’s camera. This is especially true if you have a newer version of the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, both of which come with powerful cameras. Why is your phone’s camera better than Instagram’s? You can take photos without filters You can edit photos much more easily, and much more quickly, in your phone’s native camera app and editing software You can set your phone’s cam to take pics that are 640 x 640, making them perfect for Instagram without having to crop Most phones have more powerful zoom, clearer pictures, and better lighting The free, or near-free, photo editing apps on smart phones are actually pretty powerful, and can help you enhance lighting, focus, remove red-eye, and make your IG pictures clear and eye-catching Interesting Instagram Photos Excel Take Pictures of Interesting Things This should be obvious, but we’ve all unfollowed a brand (or person) that insists on posting boring photos. No matter what your product or service, there are opportunities to post photos of really dynamic content that will engage your followers. Before and after pics work well for weight loss products, home improvements, design, graphics, and clothing stores. Photos of your product being modeled are always a safe…

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Increase Sales and Leads Using Instagram

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Instagram has become the go to platform for millennial and Generation’s Z and Alpha. As the younger generations become the dominant spenders and marketing shifts towards them, platforms such as Instagram will increase their advertising revenue. This makes it a must for growth hackers to master. Retaliate1st have built multiple Instagram accounts into the millions of users and here we list our 5 ways to increase leads and sales using Instagram. 5 Ways to Increase Leads and Sales Using Instagram Picture Quality is Number 1 No matter what your business or service is, remember that picture quality is to Instagram marketing what headline strength is to print advertising. You are competing with some high-quality photos on Instagram. Your business needs to stand out. Bright pictures out-pull darker hued shots. Pictures with blue and light blue as the dominant color pulled 37% more likes than those set in other tones. Tell Your Story First, Market Second Instagram marketing is still relatively new. Users and advertisers alike are blazing new territory. But, one rule that’s accepted by everyone is: no one likes in-your-face marketing in their feed. It’s been said that Google ads are like a carnival barker, Facebook ads are like having a conversation on your front porch and anyone who walks by and is interested by the conversation is welcome to wander up and join in. Well, Instagram is more like telling a few friends about these gorgeous new shoes you bought, whipping out your phone, and showing them pics. They love them, and want to know where you got them. Mastering the Instagram Feed You can do this in your feed and with your ads. Simply tell your story through your visual content (pictures and video) and your captions. Most products will sell themselves if the pictures are of…

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How To Write Ad Copy To Get Clicks On Facebook and Instagram

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If you’ve ever hired a top-gun copywriter, or wracked your own brain for the best possible ad copy on Facebook and Instagram, only to come up with sub-par results, it may not be your words that sunk the ship. The visual you choose can have a huge impact on the success of your ad copy and posts. 5 Ways To Dominate With Ad Copy Brightly colored visuals, especially those with blue as the dominant color, attract 80% more readers than darker pictures. Both Instagram and Facebook use a white background and a lot of white space. Placing bright, colorful pictures in the info stream helps draw the attention of users. A recent study showed that nearly 70% of senior marketing execs felt that visual content (pictures, infographics, video, graphics, etc.) were a major part of their branding, marketing, and social media campaigns. Graphic ads are using very short copy combined with stunning visuals to build brands and increase leads on social media. Facebook Ads: ads and posts with relevant images got nearly 95% more views than those without a relevant picture. This should tell you that you not only need great photos with your ads, but that you should also keep the “zany picture to draw attention” tactic to a minimum. A picture of a clown with bloody fangs may draw the eye, but when Facebookers see that it’s attached to an ad about wristwatches, they’re going to look away. And, they may reject your brand in the future because your ads came off as dishonest. Advanced Ad Copy Infographics get three-times more shares and likes on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Most of your infographics should be purely informational, with a strong call to action built in. Web users followed directions nearly 350% better when they were showed the path…

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5 Best Tools for Tracking Your Website’s Performance

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In 2016, we have to track everything and that includes your website’s performance. The performance of your website is critical to measuring your business success. We have to be able to see how it is converting your customers. Is your website driving them to your store, or convincing them to be buying online. Heatmaps Heatmaps like those on CrazyEgg or Tableau, help you understand the way your customers are seeing your website. You’ll get readouts on where their cursor lands, where they’re clicking (or trying to click), how long they’re viewing various parts of your website, and where they head for the door. This is key because we all develop our business site’s with our knowledge of the products or service. Sure, we may try to introduce the connect to the new client, but having a true “beginner’s mind” is difficult. Heat maps help us see what our customers see, where they go, and what they want, then adjust our business site to fit those needs. You’ll learn where to place your best content, which images are drawing attention, and which elements need to get the boot. Analytics To Track Performance You can also measure which elements on your site is distracting your visitors, pulling them from your main message. This is impossible to know without testing, so heatmaps provide real-time tracking that can increase your leads and sales. Google Analytics Nothing new here, but Google’s tracking is still number one. While it’s not 100% accurate, no tracking system is. But, you’re getting data from the biggest search engine on Earth, so the numbers are reliable. Understating how to get the most out of Google Analytics is a science unto itself. If you have the budget for it, hire someone who can break down the numbers program in your goals…

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5 Steps to Take If Website Hacking Occurs

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Hacking is usually thought of as happening on an international level. Spies from another country trying to hack the mainframe of America’s national security system. It’s all pulse-pounding, underground, Lisbeth Salander stuff and very scary, right? Actually, hacking occurs on sites of all sizes and hackers are looking for personal information, banking info, or are just malicious. And, there are also pissed off or scammy outsourcers that can take your site down. There have been countless cases where a small or medium business outsourced work, the outsourcer put in a back-door entrance in the company’s hosting account, then attempted a virtual hold-up, asking for more money than promised or your site will stay down. For even small businesses, hacking can cost tens of thousands of dollars in business. No matter how it happened, here’s what to do if you’ve been hacked. Stopping Website Hacking Contact Your Host If you see that your site is down, is re-directed elsewhere, or is displaying content that isn’t yours, you’ve been hacked. If you suspect that it could be a freelancer or employee, contact your host. Their techs will be able to close any entrances to the inside of your site, keeping the hacker out. They can also take your site offline temporarily, and put up a simple landing page with phone number, if needed. This can lessen the damage of your site being down. Gather Your Info If you have a web team on staff, get them on it. They’ll be able to access the site through FTP, hosting, and CMS logins. These are critical, as these give your tech team the ability to get inside and fix the damage. If you don’t have an in-house staff, find a well-reviewed local service provider, preferably one with both designers and developers on staff. Utilize Your…

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Growth Hacking Your Facebook Account

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Facebook advertising is the new frontier. Firms specializing it are appearing all the time. However there is plenty of organic growth tactics that small businesses and entrepreneurs can use to organically grow their Facebook following. Retaliate1st lists our favorite growth hack to boost your Facebook following: Growth Hacking Your Facebook Following Write Great Ads, But Tell a Story Facebook ads are not Google Ads. Repeat that 10,000 times, take a break, then repeat it 10,000 more. Facebook ads can be unbelievably effective, but only if you make the feel like they’re part of the conversation. Remember, users can X-out your ad and leave feedback for Facebooks ads team. This means your ads are being evaluated. Come off as a carnival-barker and you’ll find your cost per click skyrocketing. But, if you write the ads in a way that include your customer in a really interesting conversation, you’ll gain followers (leads). Make sure you use colorful, bright pictures and captivating video along with your ads. Use the Best Images Possible Tune all pictures and images to 300dpi. If you need a photo edited, have a pro do it. Remember, your customers are seeing your feed on a variety of screens – lap tops, tablets, phones of all sizes – therefore it’s best to have your picture match Facebook’s standards exactly. This allows it to be seen in crystal-clear clarity no matter where your customer is viewing it. Tell Great Stories Just like with ads, your posts should tell a story. Conversational content is the way to go on Facebook, because people are looking for information and entertainment on the social media giant’s site. It doesn’t matter what your product or service is, or how boring you think it might be, stories are a great way to engage your audience and get content…

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How to Bootstrap Your Digital Marketing

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In the early stages of your business, or during the initial launch of a new product or service, you may not have an unlimited budget to promote your new venture online. But, this doesn’t mean that you have to skimp on your digital marketing efforts. You can bootstrap your digital marketing. Even if your business is brand new, you’re probably familiar with the concept of Bootstrapping, or using cash flow and profits to fund the next phase of your business. The concept is battle-tested, and it works. But, do the rules apply to online businesses? How can you best re-invest profits to grow your business by marketing online? In the early stages of your business, or during the initial launch of a new product or service, you may not have an unlimited budget to promote your new venture online. But, this doesn’t mean that you have to skimp on your digital marketing efforts. Even if your business is brand new, you’re probably familiar with the concept of Bootstrapping, or using cash flow and profits to fund the next phase of your business. The concept is battle-tested, and it works. But, do the rules apply to online businesses? How can you best re-invest profits to grow your business by marketing online? Bootstrap your Digital Marketing Start with Social Capital Using social media to promote your business on a budget is nothing new. In fact, it’s not even very effective when you try the totally cost-free route. If you have an amazing product or service that goes viral, great. But for most businesses, that’s not happening right away. You start a Facebook page, an Instagram, a Pintrest account and are faced with the social media equivalent of a writer’s blank page fears: there’s no one there. You can promote to friends, like…

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6 Key Questions to Ask an SEO Firm

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Despite the insider blogs that proclaim that SEO is Dead, the reality is that as long as Google exists and dominates the market, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will be a huge part of the success of your business. Most people cannot perform SEO elements themselves and the key decision is which SEO firm they should hire. Here Retaliate1st list the questions you should ask any SEO form you are considering hiring. 6 Key Questions to Ask an SEO Firm Before Hiring Them Even those who scream that paid traffic is superior miss the fact that unless your site is optimized, you’ll pay more for clicks and lose visitors, leads, and sales because your site is confusing to use, doesn’t have good content, or is poorly written. At its base SEO is taking great copywriting and optimizing it slightly for the search engines. It is an art and a science, and should be done by a professional. But, the SEO field is rich with scammers, fly-by-night companies, and fraudulent freelancers. Before you make the wise decision to invest in professional services, ask the SEO firm these questions: What’s Your Method? How an SEO firm plans to get your business to the top of the rankings heap can tell you a lot about how successful they are. Everyone has their own methods, and some are better suited for your business than others, but some are just plain terrible. The SEO Firm Should Have a Method For example, link building is still a key to getting your site ranked. It’s old-school, time-consuming, and requires an investment of cash. But, it works. However, if you do a quick search and find that most links in your industry cost between 20 and 50-dollars, and the firm is pitching you on getting 10,000 links for $19.99,…

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