5 Best Tools for Tracking Your Website’s Performance

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In 2016, we have to track everything and that includes your website’s performance. The performance of your website is critical to measuring your business success. We have to be able to see how it is converting your customers. Is your website driving them to your store, or convincing them to be buying online. Heatmaps Heatmaps like those on CrazyEgg or Tableau, help you understand the way your customers are seeing your website. You’ll get readouts on where their cursor lands, where they’re clicking (or trying to click), how long they’re viewing various parts of your website, and where they head for the door. This is key because we all develop our business site’s with our knowledge of the products or service. Sure, we may try to introduce the connect to the new client, but having a true “beginner’s mind” is difficult. Heat maps help us see what our customers see, where they go, and what they want, then adjust our business site to fit those needs. You’ll learn where to place your best content, which images are drawing attention, and which elements need to get the boot. Analytics To Track Performance You can also measure which elements on your site is distracting your visitors, pulling them from your main message. This is impossible to know without testing, so heatmaps provide real-time tracking that can increase your leads and sales. Google Analytics Nothing new here, but Google’s tracking is still number one. While it’s not 100% accurate, no tracking system is. But, you’re getting data from the biggest search engine on Earth, so the numbers are reliable. Understating how to get the most out of Google Analytics is a science unto itself. If you have the budget for it, hire someone who can break down the numbers program in your goals…

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5 Steps to Take If Website Hacking Occurs

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Hacking is usually thought of as happening on an international level. Spies from another country trying to hack the mainframe of America’s national security system. It’s all pulse-pounding, underground, Lisbeth Salander stuff and very scary, right? Actually, hacking occurs on sites of all sizes and hackers are looking for personal information, banking info, or are just malicious. And, there are also pissed off or scammy outsourcers that can take your site down. There have been countless cases where a small or medium business outsourced work, the outsourcer put in a back-door entrance in the company’s hosting account, then attempted a virtual hold-up, asking for more money than promised or your site will stay down. For even small businesses, hacking can cost tens of thousands of dollars in business. No matter how it happened, here’s what to do if you’ve been hacked. Stopping Website Hacking Contact Your Host If you see that your site is down, is re-directed elsewhere, or is displaying content that isn’t yours, you’ve been hacked. If you suspect that it could be a freelancer or employee, contact your host. Their techs will be able to close any entrances to the inside of your site, keeping the hacker out. They can also take your site offline temporarily, and put up a simple landing page with phone number, if needed. This can lessen the damage of your site being down. Gather Your Info If you have a web team on staff, get them on it. They’ll be able to access the site through FTP, hosting, and CMS logins. These are critical, as these give your tech team the ability to get inside and fix the damage. If you don’t have an in-house staff, find a well-reviewed local service provider, preferably one with both designers and developers on staff. Utilize Your…

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6 Key Questions to Ask an SEO Firm

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Despite the insider blogs that proclaim that SEO is Dead, the reality is that as long as Google exists and dominates the market, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will be a huge part of the success of your business. Most people cannot perform SEO elements themselves and the key decision is which SEO firm they should hire. Here Retaliate1st list the questions you should ask any SEO form you are considering hiring. 6 Key Questions to Ask an SEO Firm Before Hiring Them Even those who scream that paid traffic is superior miss the fact that unless your site is optimized, you’ll pay more for clicks and lose visitors, leads, and sales because your site is confusing to use, doesn’t have good content, or is poorly written. At its base SEO is taking great copywriting and optimizing it slightly for the search engines. It is an art and a science, and should be done by a professional. But, the SEO field is rich with scammers, fly-by-night companies, and fraudulent freelancers. Before you make the wise decision to invest in professional services, ask the SEO firm these questions: What’s Your Method? How an SEO firm plans to get your business to the top of the rankings heap can tell you a lot about how successful they are. Everyone has their own methods, and some are better suited for your business than others, but some are just plain terrible. The SEO Firm Should Have a Method For example, link building is still a key to getting your site ranked. It’s old-school, time-consuming, and requires an investment of cash. But, it works. However, if you do a quick search and find that most links in your industry cost between 20 and 50-dollars, and the firm is pitching you on getting 10,000 links for $19.99,…

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5 Best Ways to Promote Your New Business Online

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Starting a new business? You already know that a website is essential, but how else can you promote your new business online? The reality is, if you don’t have a huge budget for pay-per-click ads in the beginning, you’re going to need to rely on organic marketing methods. These can take time. If you work them to their full potential, you’ll gain traction and the web traffic will start to trickle in. At that point, you can use some of your profits to invest in pay-per-click advertising. Until then, utilize these 5 proven ways to get your new business noticed online: Make a Stand-Out Website Just about every business has a website today. But, most of them are terrible. If you want to dominate your competitors, make sure that you build a website that helps you stand out from the crowd. Do your market research. A site aimed a tweeners buying Bluetooth earbuds should look and function differently than one aimed at seniors looking to re-finish their bathrooms. But, no matter who your audience is, make sure your site is clean, packed with good content, and is easy to navigate. No matter how web-savvy the user, if they can’t find your product page, you aren’t going to sell anything. Establish Your Social Media Pages While Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest and slew of other social media sites grow in reach, Facebook is still the king of social media marketing. Their “boosted” post feature angered a lot of small business owners who went from reaching hundreds or thousands of customers with each post, to needing to pay between $5 and $1000 per post to be seen. But, as the program has aged, many businesses have utilized the power of boosted posts to reach deep, defined, niche audiences. Combined with its pay per click…

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4 Ways Make Social Media Marketing Less Overwhelming

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For a small or medium business, using social media marketing can become overwhelming and frustrating. There are multiple platforms to choose from and some are clearly not right for your business. Figuring out return on investment can be tough, since most social media marketing doesn’t operate on a dollars-in v. dollars-out model. Converting likes into sales can be a multi-step process, and is best viewed in the long term. If you are unsure of how to get your social media marketing on track, check out these 4 tips. They’ll help you get started, or if you’re already going but find your efforts going in circle, these can help right the ship. 4 Ways Make Social Media Marketing Editorial schedule If you are using typical social media marketing and networking sites like Facebook, Pinterest or twitter, you need to plan, carefully, what type of content you are posting. Keeping a simple schedule of what was posted, where & when & what type of content, is key. If you have a social media team, have them keep track of this – anything from spreadsheets to old-fashioned notebooks are fine for tracking content flow on social media. Scheduling not only helps you keep track of potential ROI, but it will help you re-purpose content, using it multiple times on multiple sites (even changed slightly), which breathes new life into your content marketing and ensures that all content is exposed to the maximum audience. Simplify If you are overwhelmed, it is a sign that too much is going on. It is important to simplify. When in doubt, back off, check your content schedule and start again. Stats What is measurable can be improved and measuring metrics on social media can be tricky. Luckily Facebook offers excellent info in their “insights” section and it helps…

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Getting Your New Website Ranked

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Promoting your new business website can be a daunting task and having your product or service found by potential clients is the number one priority of new businesses. There can be no cash flow, no earnings, and no profits without customers. Getting your website listed online is key to establishing a new customer base and brining in a steady flow of leads. Getting Your New Business Website Listed Organic Search Results Organic search simply means a website being found through a non-paid search. If you type “pizza delivery Philadelphia” into google and wait, you’ll find 7 – 10 listings. The listings are ranked by google in order of importance to the customer and need. Dominating organic search through search engine optimization (SEO) is a huge undertaking. It works best when left to a professional. There are a number of things you can do to get the ball rolling: Index Your Website Check whether your website domain or URLs is listed on the Google by visiting If your site’s URL is not already listed, add it to Google. Many platforms, like WordPress, do this automatically for you, but it’s best to always check. This can speed up how fast Google finds out that your business exists. Optimize Content The next step is adding some relevant content to your website in order to make it more search-friendly. You should add text, images and video to your site. Focus on the keywords that people might use to search your products or services. The more relevant your website content is, the higher it will be listed in search results. Optimizing it can be tricky but to start, just provide valuable information about your product or service, as well as ways to contact your or order from your website. Paid Search If you want more…

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4 Ways to Improve Your YouTube Rankings

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YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. only Google beats YouTube on the number of searches that occur on the platform each day. Many brands focus on optimizing their YouTube rankings, and the businesses that are respecting this search engine, are seeing double digit rewards. Retaliate1st has a team of video content marketers, that can help you dominate YouTube. Here are our 4 key recommendations on improving your rankings. 4 Ways to Improve Your YouTube Rankings Upload a Lot of Great Content This seems obvious, but the number one step to getting your videos ranked on YouTube is to post great videos. We’re not talking about going “viral.” That occurs more from luck than planning, as it’s impossible to predict what will grab the public’s attention enough to cause a video to go viral. Instead, you should focus on putting out informative, entertaining videos that will be useful to your customers. They can be funny. They can be straight-info. They can be a combination. Just don’t make them boring, or worse, uninformative. Beef-Up Your Profile Make sure that your YouTube profile is not an afterthought. Load it with info about your company, and most importantly, how you can help your potential customers (viewers). You should use this area to link to your other social media platforms, your website, blogs, and anywhere else your company has a presence. Load your videos, and break them down into playlists. IF you are familiar with SEO or website building, you’ll recognize the concept of creating “silos” of content. Playlists are an easy way to silo (categorize) your videos. This helps your viewers find relevant videos, and helps your page rank because it is easier for YouTube to index your content. Choose Your Keywords Carefully It’s amazing to watch a business agonize over which…

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3 Key On-Page SEO Ranking Factors

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On-page SEO factors are fast becoming underrated and undervalued. But, their importance is actually increasing. If you implement these three factors on your site, you’ll leapfrog your completion. Let them deplete their budget on excessive link buying and the latest fads while you strengthen your on-site SEO and dominate them. 3 Key On-Page SEO Ranking Factors Title Tags All of your SEO efforts are wasted if you don’t have good title tags. If you’ve outsourced the building of your site, or its digital marketing, do a quick search of your title tags to make sure they’re strong enough to grab Google’s attention. Do your titles sound natural? Do they describe what your service or product is about? If you’re a local business, do they let potential customers know where you’re located? A huge problem with small businesses is that when they farm out the building of their sites, the SEO firms either mis-title their pages, giving them generic names, or they only put effort into the site’s homepage. Every page, every article, every blog must have a strong title if you want to rise to the top of the rankings and stay there. A good way to start is to make sure the keyword of that page is in the title. Selling smart phone covers in San Diego? Start with: “Smart phone covers stores in San Diego” In general, the closer the keyword is to the beginning of your title, the more weight it will carry. But, make it sound natural. You can build content, and great titles, many times over by repurposing Content Better content means better rankings. And, good content meets Google’s criteria for being: Uniquely valuable (pages that would be described by 80%+ of your visitors as being useful and high quality) Sharable (remarkable videos, pictures, and…

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Building Your Brand With Content

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Content is like water, marketers need it to survive. It is the life-force of all modern marketing engines, especially those that rely on in-bound traffic. Having built many high-speed content engines, we recommend building your brand strategy, content plan and then following these tips to optimize your content. 2 Ways To Build Your Brand With Content Focus on the Customer Just like in sales, if you want to gain and keep your customer’s attention, you need to focus on them. While many businesses are now utilizing content marketing, most miss the mark by using their content to talk only about themselves. Yes, you can use articles, videos, podcasts, pictures, and social media to tell your customers how great you are, how many awards your business has won, and how highly rated you are. But, you have to bend that info back, and let them know how all of that will benefit them. Storytelling Telling stories is one of the oldest ways to hold someone’s attention. In sales and business, it’s no different. In fact, good storytelling in your content marketing can build your brand and increase leads and sales. Tying in with focus on the customer, using stories about people “just like them” helps cement your brand as a solution in their mind. So, rather than simply cutting-and-pasting a review from a client, use that testimonial to create a story. Content Options What’s more compelling: “This service is great. 5-Stars.” – Mrs. Jones, Westchester, NY Or “Water was bursting out of the pipes, the water heater was rattling, and a small flood was forming in the basement. As if that wasn’t bad enough, when Mrs. Jones called us, she was in near-tears as she watched countless memories stored in irreplaceable photo albums float away.  We were able to get to…

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AdWord Extensions You Should Be Using

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AdWord extensions can be a fantastic way to increase your clicks and lower your spend on your SEM and Pay-Per-Click advertising. Here we list the 7 Adword extensions that you should use: 1) Sitelink Extensions Sitelinks enable advertisers to incorporate up to four website links with their advertising. Not only does this stand out from the other ads and take up more Pay per click real estate, yet it gives a chance to locate the page that is most useful for them to a searcher. Sometimes these sitelink extensions will give an instant summary of the subpage that will be particularly useful for adding more call-to- descriptions and activities of your products / services.   2) Call Extensions When a searcher comes across your advertising (particularly on a mobile phone), you want to give them the choice to telephone you. Your telephone number is incorporated by call extensions into your ads so searchers don’t needs to go to your website to locate your telephone number. They call” just click “ and you have a conversion! 3) Organized Snippets In case your business offers various types of products or services, snippets that are organized are an ideal means to lay out these. It’s possible for you to talk about different styles of products, neighborhoods you serve, kinds of services, etc. in organized snippets.   4) Callout Adword Extensions You cannot articulate everything you want to say into two lines of Ad Copy? Use callout extensions to include up to four messages in your ads. Callout extensions are excellent so the same information appears on each advertisement, irrespective of what your advertising copy says to use campaign wide. Use a callout if you want to let everybody know that the pipes company has forty years of expertise! Use a callout if you want to declare your…

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