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Organic vs Pay Per Click Traffic

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Which is better for small businesses, organic traffic driven by Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or pay per click advertising? 70% of the time, searchers are clicking on organic links. Some surveys have shown that 70 – 80% of searchers purposely ignore the ad listings because they feel that paid ads = them being pressured to buy once they reach the site This can be an advantage. If you are having a sale, an event, or you are running a weather or time-dependent service, then focusing on the 20 – 30% of users who happily click paid ads can eliminate most of the information seekers and tire-kickers. Organic Traffic vs PPC But, long term, relying solely on PPC can miss out on a huge portion of your potential customers. In many businesses, the close rate for SEO traffic climbs as high as 15%, while ad-driven leads close at less than 2%. This varies by industry, but the numbers speak overwhelmingly in favor of organic traffic. The situation can flip when it comes to “emergency” services, i.e., plumbers on sub-zero nights, roofers during heavy rain storms. In those cases, they numbers even out. But, the rest of the time, organic heavily outperforms PPC. Want the Most Leads and Sales? Use Both PPC and SEO While organic out performs PPC in most cases, there are times when you need PPC ads to survive. The problem usually arises when small companies treat PPC as the holy grail, throwing money at it, hoping for the best. The truth is that pay per click ads must be: Highly focused – use them during the best times, then get out of the market. If you’re having a sale, launching a new product or event, or you are offering a product or service that tie-in with the weather,…

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How to Use YouTube to Generate Leads for Your Business

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YouTube is a fantastic marketing tool and is the second largest search engine in the world. It is behind only Google and tops Bing. Many savvy marketers have found ways to exploit YouTube to build their brands. Here we lay out two tactics to use YouTube to grow your business and sell product: Create How To Youtube Videos No matter what you sell, or which services you offer – YouTube can help. Having your videos rank on YouTube can bring in a significant amount of traffic, leads, and sales into your business. One of the easiest ways to get your videos ranked (and watched) is to create a series of “How To” videos. How To content is being watched more than ever. A recent study showing searches for this type of video increased by over 70% in 2016. Many of these searches coming from millennials (nearly three-quarters). The same research shows that 1-in-3 millennials will purchase a product after watching a How To video tied to that product. This can be tricky for service businesses. Educating a customer on how to do a job that you offer seems counter-intuitive. But, if you follow the methods of the Home Depot , they often post How To videos of DIY jobs. More complicated projects may get a video too. These companies are quick to point out that the jobs are difficult, costly to do alone, or dangerous, and that a professional should be called in for help. This allows you to give your customers a great deal of free content, creating a positive feeling toward your services. When the time comes to call in a pro, you’ll be top of mind. Just about any product would benefit from a How To series. Never underestimate how little your customers know about your product….

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How to Improve Your Site’s Crawling Ability and Increase Rankings

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Has your site been stuck on page 2 or 3 of Google’s search engine results pages (SERP)? Or, worse yet is it foundering in the great beyond of pages 4 through oblivion? Well that could be based on how Google is crawling your site. Maybe you’ve managed to tweak your site and get it onto page 1, but you can never seem to nudge it into the top 5 results. In all of these cases, a quick focus on both your on-page search engine optimization (SEO), content, and your site’s craw-ability will boost your rankings, and may even push you into the top three spots on page 1. What is Crawling? Crawling is a term for how search engines read a website. They send out bots that search or “crawl” through the content, internally, of every site on the web. The exact pathways are unknown, as Google never reveals all, but the basics are well established. The good news is that many of the ways your site is crawled by Google are similar to how it’s read by your human visitors. The bad news is that technical issues need to be turned over to a professional because they are complicated. Internal Links If you build a site that is easy for humans to read, Google will favor your website. In the early days of Google domination, a common theme was that Google liked to give a site the Grandma Test. Could the average grandmother navigate your website without becoming confused and frustrated. This is still a good measure. And one of the ways to make your business’ site more Grandma ready is to increase interlinking. Link internally on your site, from page to page Make sure your home page is easy to find no matter where on the site the user…

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Using Re-Purposed Content To Boost Your SEO

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Even business owners who’ve bought into the concept of content marketing often complain that creating all that content is a lot of work. Yes, it pays off, but even the most dedicated content marketing gurus can go through lulls. These are the lulls where fresh content is hard to come by. This is why re-purposed content can be critical to your content marketing strategy. If you’re in a lull, don’t worry. Learn how to easily re-purpose your blogs, videos, and articles. You’ll have a never-ending stream of content for your site and your social media campaigns. Here are three ways to easily re-use content without getting duplicate content penalties from Google: Transcribe Videos Transcription of your videos: long or short, self-generated or professionally made, gives you a great piece of SEO friendly content that would normally be lost. If you have review videos, having them transcribed gives you a double dose of credibility and status. Re-Purposed Content vs Fresh Content Not only does the text from your videos give you fresh content, but it gives those with slow internet connections, or those who simply don’t like video content, a chance to read what your video was all about. You can add on to this, tying-in a strong call to action, or boosting thin areas with helpful explanations, or you can simply have the video transcribed, give it an SEO-solid title, and post it as a new blog, page, or article. Having this done may seem like a lot of time-consuming work, however you can have the task performed on sites like Fiverr or Upwork. It will only cost a few dollars per video and leave you freed up to do more important tasks. Turn Blogs Into Social Media Posts Taking the best lines from your blogs and using them as text-content…

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Copy Writing to Convert

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No matter how small your large your business is, everything you do in marketing comes down to copy writing. How well your Google ad is written helps determine how many sales it generates. Copy writing is not just Madmen sitting around the office smoking, goofing-off until inspiration hits (after Whiskey number 5). Every marketing piece you create, from your business card to long-form direct mail pieces are built by writing good, benefit-focused copy.

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Spend Less on PPC While Increasing Conversion Rates

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Search Engine Marketing, or Pay Per Click advertising (PPC), is a leading source of leads and customers for many online businesses or mobile applications. However, many businesses never adapt or optimize their campaigns to try and increase the number of clicks and do so at a lower cost. Here we are going to lay out tactics so you can increase your conversion rates and lower your costs.

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