Retaliate1st works with start-ups and traditional brands to position themselves to maximize their business goals and increase their revenue. We specialize in digital transformations and allowing brands to take advantage of technology to innovate and get their products to market in a more cost effective manner.

Our Services


Great strategy comes from aligning the vision of the C-suite and business leaders and coupling that with the talent on staff to allow for a pathway to successful execution.

Digital Transformations

This is what we call “Digital Maturity” and we are here to use our experience to get you where you need to be. We are also able to help your organization create engaging and consistent digital experiences across every customer touch point.


Every company has opportunities to develop a monetization strategy for their digital assets. It does not matter what sector that your business operates in, we have developed a four step process that allows for us to help your business monetize your digital assets.

Product Development

Retaliate 1st can provide your firm with the ability to develop a strategy to bring new products to market, with our disciplined focus on developing a systematic methodology that suits your business and positions the product for success.

Marketing Strategies

Developing a marketing strategy is vital for every business to create and execute upon to facilitate a successful launch of the business or one of the businesses product lines. Without a marketing strategy, the efforts of a company to attract or acquire customers, is likely to be haphazard and potentially counterproductive.

Technology Architecture & Innovation

Technology is a wonderful tool to help support your business needs. Emerging technologies and business models continue to support and revolutionize the way we can work. At Retaliate 1st, we believe in creating and embracing a culture of innovation, to help transform your company and improve its competitive edge.