Retaliate1st combines traditional brand strategy and media planning with digital strategy, customer and data research to find a brand’s true position within the market. We then work to bring your brand to life and develop content, products, services and campaigns – creating and defining experiences that customers love.

Our Services

Media Planning

The task is connecting your marketing message with your target audience. Fortunately, the experts at Retaliate1st are up for the challenge, and failure is not an option.

Communications and Outreach

Ready to reach your potential fans? We’re ready to help you. Our passion is success and we love nothing more than seeing our efforts deliver you results.

Crisis Management

At Retaliate1st we know the trust of your audience and fan base and how  you’re perceived by the public is developed by how you, as a brand, manage reputational risk and crisis response. This is where we come in, especially when the stakes are high.

Marketing Strategies

Retaliate1st works with start-ups and traditional brands to position themselves as innovators and leaders in their business sectors.

Influencer Engagement

Engagement is key. Retaliate1st has built a team with expertise in influencer engagement excellence, developed over several years of hard work and dedication and networking.

Social Media Strategy

Social Media as a whole is crucial for all brands’ digital marketing strategy.