You might be at the top of the billboard 100 list, but if you’re not ranking in search, you’re not engaging with your current or potential new audience. That’s why SEO, search engine optimization, matters.

We at Retaliate1st engage strategies to boost your local and worldwide search ranking so your potential fan base can find you when they need to. Our staff has the expertise of a big agency with the attention of a boutique agency and we aim to improve your ROI and increase your brand presence through simple word play.

SEO should work in tandem with content marketing. Ensuring your content includes keywords that rank for the terms most meaningful for your brand and fans, is key. In order to apply this, research should be conducted. We’ll do that work for you and build a list of relevant keywords you will target by threading them through your content.

…but it doesn’t stop there.

Content SEO consideration should be given to social platforms as well as social signals are having a larger impact on search results than in past years, and keep growing. We will work with you to massage your social strategy to take SEO considerations into account.

Lastly, don’t forget to GET TECHNICAL. Our experts will make sure your content pages are indexed appropriately by search engines. This is essential to ensuring that your visitors always reach their intended destination and don’t squat on a redirect page. We’ll do an audit of your content to know where it is all located so we can appropriately direct and start getting your views.

Benefits of working with us on SEO include:

  •     Customized strategies
  •     Transparent reports
  •     Results driven service
  •     Marketing automation experts
  •     Content creation

Sold? Ok, let’s get started. Contact us now.

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