There’s more to content strategy than content. Content strategy extends to aligning people, process and technology so you can understand and then meet your customers need. There’s two key factors to content strategy. You must:

  • Recognize where your brand is
  • Recognize where you need to be

Once you’ve outlined these two factors, using content, you can build your strategy to arrive to where you want to be, one hit at a time. There’s three services that Retaliate1st provides to help fuel that strategy:


  1. Content specialiaties
  2. Evaluation and assessment
  3. Metrics measurement
  4. Structure and organization
  5. Education and training
  6. Project Focus
  7. Website strategy
  8. Cross-channel strategy
  9. Intranet incorporation
  10. Continuation of service
  11. Content testing and analysis
  12. Process management
  13. Continued education
  14. Strategic copywriting (HYPERLINK COPYWRITING)
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