Ready for your audience to stay on your website for an additional minute or increase the percentage of a download of a song? We’re ready to help.

There’s several tangible benefits that video content can have for online presence and overall marketing strategy. However, the quality of that content is essential. Without quality content, it’s difficult to add value.

At Retaliate1st, we guarantee our video content is:

  • Produced with your brands objectives and guidelines in mind
  • Created by top-notch industry professionals
  • Developed with the goal of retaining and capturing online attention spans
  • Optimized for SEO and social shareability

There’s more video content to be created than music videos. We can help you with video projects of varying sizes such as:

  • Event videos
  • Animations
  • Testimonials
  • Interviews
  • Profiles
  • YouTube pre-rolls
  • …and more


The steps to executing a great video creation? We’ve mastered them:

  1. Start a conversion: videos are you opportunity to convert an elevator pitch into something dynamic. Sculpt a message with your content to engage your target audience.
  2. Establish a narrative: Great video is built from a great story. Prior to shooting your video, you need a comprehensive, theme-driven storyboard.
  3. Become unexpected: Follow your storyboard to stay on track during the shoot but don’t be too rigid. Follow your plan but then sift through and see what you can weed out so you maintain a creative video, but keep it short.
  4. Don’t be obvious: All great content requires a call to action. If you have your brand message solidified, then this will be easy. Create a call to action, but keep it simple, try a hashtag.
  5. Share: You’ve captured an audience, now get them to be an advocate of you. Make sure your content is something you would want to share and include a call to action for your advocates to share it so you can continue to grow your audience.
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