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Retaliate1st is a multi-dimensional, marketing and artist management company. Founded in 2015, Retaliate1st has decided to bring a new model and solution for both major label and independent artists. Due to the years of “inside” experience, the Retaliate1st team is able to provide artists with an ability to market, promote and distribute their records to the mainstream consumer audience providing artists the perfect multi-faceted outlet for their music. Whether you are on a major label or an independent artist, whether you are looking to be signed or own your own independent label, Retaliate1st can assist you in growing your exposure and generating income from this industry we love – the music business.

Our Services

Music Business Strategy

Retaliate1st works with musicians and record labels to define their business strategy and position their label for the deployment and promotion of both the artist and the record releases. If you need assistance in planning your sales forecasts, or getting your latest record released on Spotify and Apple Music, then connect with Retaliate1st to define your business strategy and record releases.

Music Creative Design

The artist, the records and the brand are everything to you, and go hand in hand. Retaliate1st provide full-service creative offerings for you and your music, to make sure that your brand is recognizable and defined to your desired audience. Our customer-centric designers put themselves in the shoes of the artist and create campaigns and creative that will bring your brand and imagery to life.

Social Media

Social Media is critical as both as a platform to develop your music and grow any musician’s fan-base. It is a terrific lead generation engine and can be used to drive sales or streams of your records. It is also the voice of the artist and their front-line communication tool. Retaliate1st specializes in social media strategy, growth and engagement while also helping musician’s expand their presence to dominate digital music.


Retaliate1st has a world-class marketing team that has developed major record label artists via using state of the art digital marketing techniques. Using a blend of marketing and promotions, while creating cutting edge visuals and creative, Retaliate1st has broken over 100 major music acts while generating over 100M in unit sales. Retaliate1st have excelled with both independent artists and major artists.


Promoting your records is the key to your success. Retaliate1st uses multi-channel tactics to get your music to all of the taste-makers and the influencers in your chosen genre. Allow our team to use our relationships to get your music and complete records to the blogs, DJ’s and on local and national radio.


Retaliate1st will bring your artist and their brand to life and create experiences that your fan-base will love. We will be able to handle any situation be it positive or negative and make sure that when an artist has something to say, the whole world listens.