Retaliate1st has a successful and storied history with leading media buying campaigns for businesses in all sectors and of all sizes. The key to our success is adopting a five step process that allows us to look at what your businesses desired outcome is and planning the media buy to be focused and targeted on driving a better than desired return on investment.

  1. Identify Your Target Market

We have to plan and identify – who you are trying to reach and what success looks likes for you. It is critical to develop a persona for the ideal customer so we can evaluate how and where they consume media and how it impacts their buying decisions.

  1. Research Your Target Market

Once we have identified the target market then we will dig into significant market research. Retaliate1st recommends us using both our own research, primary research and looking for research that has already been done, secondary research. Creating a hybrid version rom both of these is optimal. At this phase we will identify:

  • Where to find your target market
  • Demographics of the market
  • Psychographics of the target market

Are they online, are they readers, are the mobile centric users or do they listen to radio or are influenced by billboards on the drive to work. These are questions that we will ask and answer in this phase.

We will help you identify the consumer behavior of those that your business is targeting. This will allow us to make a media buy that is informed, effective and delivers the ideal return on investment. The goal is to achieve the desired output ☺ A successful mission starts with a good plan and understanding what your competition is doing.

  1. Setting Goals

This is where we turn the plan into executable actions. We will set the marketing objectives and devise an executable marketing plan.

What does success look like for this campaign? Is this an awareness effort? Are we trying to drive sales and buys of our product? Do we want sign-up’s or likes on Facebook?

We will identify the objectives, prioritize them and set measurable outcomes so we know if they are successful or not. Defining success allows us to be competitive and beat our target goals.

  1. Define and Plan Out the Strategy

We have identified the target market, we have done the research, we are have defined what success is and how to achieve it. Now we plan the how to make it happen, and below is an example of the information Retaliate1st will compile to help you achieve success:

An Example Media Buying Strategy and Plan:
Target served:
Definition of qualified market reached by this outlet:
Circulation Numbers:
Key Classifications of circulation if applicable
(This is extremely helpful if you break out by percentage.):
Recommended Schedule:
Costs – This section should include the following :

Negotiated Rate:
Rate Card Rate:
Total Negotiated Savings per Advertisement:
Total Negotiated (Monthly / Yearly) Savings:
Total Costs:

Ad Placement Guarantee:
Where will it appear:
When will it appear:
Are their bonus placements for the media buy:
Is there any added value to the placement:
Rationale behind the placement:
Comparison to similar outlets that were considered:


  1. Execute the Plan

This is where Retaliate1st will begin to leverage our media contacts and make connection.

The network we have allows for us to negotiate rates down and also achieve optimal placements. This is based on our economies of scale and the bulk buying that we do. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to find out more about our processes and working with Retaliate1st to achieve your media buying goals:

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