Our Search Engine Marketing campaigns are designed to alloy to dominate the search engines result pages (SERPs). Our team of experts will work with you to implement a fully customized Pay-Per-Click campaign, and work closely with you to iterate and improve upon your results. Our team believes in working closely with all of our partners to develop and continually optimize the campaign and we pride ourselves on high conversions at low costs.

We believe that our team can help you and handle all of your SEM needs including:


Search Engine Optimization and content marketing work hand-in-hand and a good strategy allows for them to overlap and work together to deliver results. SEO demands content. Content marketing is content. There is no such thing as SEO without content. You need words, articles, substance, keywords, verbiage. Retaliate1st prides itself on studying your content needs and developing a thorough and comprehensive plan that allows you to generate content at a high-speed and optimize the keywords for improving your rankings in the SERPs and even in the mobile-centric SERPs. We also have a dedicated content team that can help you create content for your business vertical and develop a long-term plan that enables your internal team to focus on other business goals, while allowing us to generate the content that brings awareness to you and your business.


Optimizing your Website and Landing Pages

The eyes are the window to the soul and your landing pages are the entry point into the world of your digital business and presence. Optimizing your website’s landing pages for PPC is an art-form and it is important to have well-designed pages for PPC visitors and to also work on optimizing every element on the landing page to convert the highest percentage of visitors in order to achieve the goals of the site. The desire of landing page optimization is to build pages that better engage your target audience so you can drive more leads through paid search.

Getting this correct will allow for page optimization, which ultimately leads to more conversions, which lowers the CPA (cost per acquisition) or CPL (cost per lead) for your campaigns while raising your return on investment on the campaigns.

The key is to achieve the following 2 results:

  • 1. More leads coming in via your pay-per-click campaigns: If you plan for your Google Adwords campaigns then you can deliver more leads to your site and also convert those leads via the landing page.
  • 2. Improving your Quality Score: Higher Quality Scores result in better rankings and lower ad spend and using landing pages that are designed for a targeted audience and are aesthetically well-designed will always achieve better scores as they are serving the purpose of the user and fulfilling their desires.

Optimizing a landing page is complicated but allow Retaliate1st have the experience and can walk you through the process. We believe in following a model that includes the following processes:

  • A strong lead or headline that has an embedded feel and is tied to your desired primary keyword for the page. This will entice the user to stay with you as they have landed on a page about the word they have searched. This is called headline relevancy.
  • Design is critical, it must be clean, attractive, showcases trust and ties directly to your brand then you will achieve the desired outcome.
  • The copy must be optimized for your primary, secondary and tertiary keywords and be clear, concise and straight to the point.

Optimizing your website and landing pages requires many skills and a team of dedicated professionals. Thankfully, we can help as Retaliate1st has resources and dedicated team members including graphic designers, web-developers and other IT resources to get you optimized.

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