Promoting your records is the key to your success. Retaliate1st uses multi-channel tactics to get your music to all of the taste-makers and the influencers in your chosen genre. Allow our team to use our relationships to get your music and complete records to the blogs, DJ’s and on local and national radio.

Our Services

Radio Promotions

Retaliate1st has a world-class radio promotions team that has worked with all four major labels to break records and dominate urban radio, rhythmic radio and Top 40 pop radio.

Distribution to DJs

Retaliate1st has a world-class digital distribution program that allows us to syndicate our records to various DJ Pools and music tastemakers. We are able to use our knowledge and expertise of web technologies, to get records into the hands of those that matter at the click of a button.

Video Promotions

Retaliate1st can assist and help you the artist, and your record label, with your Music Video Promotion and Production. We have worked with independent and major record labels to promote music videos, and we have great relationships with digital and television music programmers.

Blog Promotions

Whether you are a major artist or an independent artist, we can develop a strategy that allows us to maximize your exposure while creating a story arch to allow you to build and cement your place on various blogs – success for us, is having the blogs calling you for more new music.

Public Relations

Public relations (PR) will generate value across the board, not just in terms of sales but in terms of awareness and engagement. All artists must build an audience, they have to grow the size and quality of their audience and that will allow them to develop influence. And influence, as in any walk of life, is power.

Tour Support

The team at Retaliate1st can help supply all you need for touring. We have an in-house team that can work with major booking firms and venues of all sizes to get your artist booked and get them on the road

Physical & Digital Distribution

Retaliate1st has a full standalone sales team that can service both digital and physical records to retail stores and streaming services. Our physical team is structured to be able to ship your records, and to work cohesively to develop new artists and penetrate markets and regions across the United States.

Event Planning

Retaliate1st has a deep experience in planning gigs and concerts and over the last 5 years have put on some of New York’s major rock, pop and hip-hop shows. We have a 7-step process that allows all events and concerts to be fantastically successful both for the audience and financially for the artist.