Social Media is critical as both as a platform to develop your music and grow any musician’s fan-base. It is a terrific lead generation engine and can be used to drive sales or streams of your records. It is also the voice of the artist and their front-line communication tool. Retaliate1st specializes in social media strategy, growth and engagement while also helping musician’s expand their presence to dominate digital music.

We are specialized in

Social Media Strategy

Social Media as a whole is crucial for all brands’ digital marketing strategy. Creating digital presence by generating and engaging an audience of highly targeted users, then moving the acquired audience through the many stages of the complete customer cycle using various tactics is an extremely powerful and valuable strategy necessary for all brands.

Social Media Acquisitions

A major contribution towards the overwhelming power of social media comes from the extremely specific targeting options for acquiring users; targeting breakdowns include user actions and behaviors, interests, frequency of usage, household income, web-viewing history, purchase history, and much, much, more.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising has become a growingly prominent means of measurable ROI for brands. With most rich and detailed targeting options, users can be reached at every stage of the buyer cycle using both organic means, and paid advertising; a powerhouse social media strategy will include both.

Social Campaign Development

Keeping social media as a crucial piece of your overall marketing strategy is key in order to maintain a powerful lead engine. We will work to create, grow and maintain a social strategy that works in conjunction with the

Social Community Management

Generating and growing a successful online community for your brand entails coming up with ways that cause a means of interest and conversations. Community management means speaking to users talking one-on-one, and using these conversations to pick out high quality users and potential buyers for your brand. Beyond campaign development, participation with users engaging means speaking to and rewarding your users for their participation.

Influencer Engagement

Influencers, particularly on digital, are an extremely powerful part of social media; receiving recognition from trusted sources that users look to and depend on for expertise knowledge in a given space can bring about many successes, from massively growing reach, to creating a major buzz, to delivering purchases.

Social Analytics

Along with highly specific targeting options for acquisition comes the highly specific result tracking; this means that we are able to determine exactly how many people are being reached, exactly how many and who are engaging, which creative and copy is best responded to, and ultimately take these numbers and deliver a full understanding that tells a story of the content and user response necessary to any digital marketing strategy.