Social Media Advertising has become a growingly prominent means of measurable ROI for brands. With most rich and detailed targeting options, users can be reached at every stage of the buyer cycle using both organic means, and paid advertising; a powerhouse social media strategy will include both.

We will work to understand goals and highest priority messaging and use low cost advertising tactics to acquire prospects and leads, and move new users into new stages of their customer journey.

Examples of social advertising:

  • Sponsored posts across channels targeted to users outside and/or inside of existing fan-base; generate awareness plus acquire users interested.
  • Retarget users that have left website or frequent visitors; use social media as an ally to digital marketing behavior tracking.
  • Promotions targeted to specific audiences, such as giving the most highly qualified users a specific CTA they are expected to make.
  • Create “look-a-like” audiences that match similar patterns and behaviors as existing users of a certain type of segment.
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