When selling your products or services online, it’s important to make sure you’re selling to all personality types in order to continue to perform and increase sales.

Selling to different personality types helps you reach more of your potential audience. For many years, the DISC theory of personality type has helped salespeople and businesses reach a much larger market by ensuring that they are not marketing to only a small percentage of the population.

According to DISC, buyers can be divided into four personality types:

Dominance – Drive, determined, want to win (benefit), dislike small talk or excessive details, want to be in control

Inducement – These people love fun. They’re the life of the party. If you can sell them that your product or service will make their lives more fun, you’re set

Submission – These people like things to go smoothly. They dislike confrontation. They get nervous having to call and complain. Ensure them that everything will be fine, and they can reach your company for help, will put them at ease and help you make the sale.

Compliance – These people love details, order, and structure. They want to know the exact details of how and why your product works. Give them facts, charts, graphs, and bullet points detailing why your product is right for them, and you’ll have yourself a new customer

Most sales copy and marketing appeals to S, C, and I-types, while largely ignoring the Dominants. However, this is a huge mistake and leaves out a large chunk of your potential audience. Here’s how to market to dominant personality types:

Get to the Point (and the Win)

Have you ever clicked on an ad in the hopes of having your problem or desire solved?

Did the page lead off with a headline that hooked you in, then forced you to angrily scroll through dozens of pages of sales copy, testimonials, graphs, and infographics?

Did you leave that page and go to another that got to the point?

Well, some of your customers may be experiencing the same frustration. Dominant personality types want you to get to the point – how is your product or service going to help them win.

  • What’s in it for them.
  • How much is it, and what are the benefits?
  • Structure your sales and landing pages so that you let your more impatient buyers know what you’re selling, what it’ll cost them (if you don’t want to state the price, you can hint at the value), and how it will benefit them.
  • Get to the bottom line, then work backwards.

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Lead with Benefits, Then Agitate

Problem, Agitate, Solution is proven to work. But, what if your buyer wants to know the solution to the problem right now.


State the problem. Let them know how you’ll fix it and how they’ll benefit from it. Then, add copy to agitate the problem further after you’ve given your dominant buyer a chance to take action.

Write Long Copy, But Give Multiple Chances to Take Action

Dominant personality buyers aren’t necessarily turned off to long form copy.

If your company’s site utilizes long form blogs, web pages, landing or sales pages, keep in mind that if you hold the solution, benefit, or price until the end of several thousand words, you’ll lose at least ¼ of your potential buyers.

Since you still have to satisfy the detail driven, emotional buyers, and those who need reassurance before buying, you can’t simply write a few lines of benefits and hope to sell to everyone.

But, you can service all groups by putting benefits up front, then offering dominant types several opportunities to take action by:

  • Opting in
  • Contacting you via email or phone
  • Buying
  • Requesting samples
  • Clicking to a shorter, more-to-the-point pages


Give Options

Dominant personalities like to be in control. By offering a few solutions (and listing the benefits):

  • Options for what to buy
  • Options for how to contact you

You allow your customer to make the choice. This alone can sway them toward buying or becoming a lead because most sales sites are telling you what you need to buy, and dominants are turned off to this behavior.


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