It seems like you can’t be on any social platform without running into an ad. And while each platform is unique in their own way, Facebook is still king when it comes to advertisements. But not all brands utilize the platform effectively. So, we’ve rounded up 7 tips on creating an effective Facebook ad campaign.

Audience Insights

Using the audience insight tool will help you find new potential customers. This tool will allow you to target people based on the interests of people who are already fans of your page as well as their personal characteristics.

Use A Campaign Landing Page With Your Ad

Aligning a Facebook post and landing page will help you get a higher Ad Relevance score – meaning you’ll end up paying less per click. Furthermore, it’ll increase your conversion rate. When someone clicks on an ad, they are expecting to get what that post said. If that happens, it’ll increase your credibility and gain their trust.

Trust is important if you are using Facebook ads to increase product or service sales. Customers are more inclined to purchase something if the brand appears trustworthy. And, alignment between post and page will decreases cart abandonment.

Test One Ad At A Time

Rather than creating different ads and A/B testing them, create variations of an ad that performs the best and change one aspect at a time.

Take your best ad, for example, and make copies. Change the headline of each version and see which one does best. Then, make copies of that ad (with the best headline) and change another element like an image or description.

You can also test different combinations with various split tests. Take the ad with the winning headline and add various descriptions to see which one performs best. Then, put the ad with the best description and test different headlines.

Utilize Ad Placement

Don’t just choose one format for Facebook ad placement – split test them. For example, don’t just choose right-column news feed ads or all news feed ones – switch them up. See which ad performs best in each location through reporting.

Three campaigns or ad sets are ideal – one for right-column news feeds ads, one for news feed desktop ads, and one for mobile news feed ads.

Use Conversion Audiences to Refine Targeting

If you have a remarketing pixel installed, you can exclude those who already visited or converted to avoid irrelevant impressions and clicks. This will help with bounce rates and abandoned carts.

Target New People Using Like Campaigns

With Power Editor or in your live Facebook account, you can set up a campaign and exclude people certain audiences, such as those who already like your page. This will help keep irrelevant impressions down by showing ads only to those who haven’t liked your page already.

Use Geographic Targeting

To help save money on bidding, create ad sets based on geographic target areas. Each ad set should ideally target one geographic area as cost per clicks can vary. Using separate geographic targets will allow you to adjust your bids accordingly – bidding higher when necessary and excluding or bidding lower on those that don’t make sense.

This is especially helpful when it comes to seasonal products or if you plan on targeting just one country or area.

Use these seven tips and tricks to make the most out of your Facebook ads and watch the conversions roll in!

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