Snapchat is currently all the rage and there is no sign of it slowing down. While many people use it for personal purposes, there is a huge opportunity for businesses who use this platform to connect with their audience. Since it can be intimidating and confusing to some marketers, we’re here to help!

Why You Should Market On Snapchat

Snapchat is very valuable to businesses – for those who use it right. Let’s look at some of the statistics. There are an estimated 200 million monthly users on the platform who send at least 700 million photos or videos every day. There are nearly 100 daily users and Snapchat reaches over 10% of the United States digital population.

It has more users than Twitter and to top it all off – over 75% of its users are online shoppers.

Furthermore, Snapchat has less competition than other social platforms. While every brand has a presence on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, Snapchat still has relatively low competition. It’s different than other platforms – it allows you to reach your audience in a new, more authentic way with a new type of content. And, it allows you to connect to new audiences – especially if your product caters to the younger demographic – especially millennials.

How To Market On Snapchat

Snapchat has a lot of fun features – photos, videos, and stories – along with editing options like drawing tools, emojis, and texts. While Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook allow users to like and comment on posts – Snapchat allows you connect with your audience on a more personal level. You can show them behind the scenes videos, snaps of new products, and bring a more “real-life” aspect to your brand.

Some tips for effectively marketing on Snapchat is offering coupon codes to your followers. You can either offer a simple coupon code or have more fun with it by asking users to snap pictures of themselves with your product in exchange for a discount code.

Connecting with influencers is another way to effectively market on this platform. Teaming up with an influential brand or person can connect you with users you may not have otherwise. And, since influencer marketing can be highly effective, it can help increase engagement with your current followers.

You can even build anticipation by doing “countdowns” to new products or an event. Always leave them wanting more, though, so they stay engaged – use phrases like “stay tuned” or “we’ve got a surprise coming.”

Use a mix of images and videos to keep your followers engaged. After all, seeing one image after another is not as fun as watching a mixture of images and videos. Also, try telling a story on your Snapchat. Everyone loves a story and users are more inclined to keep opening your Snaps if you’re telling an interesting story.

How To Promote Your Snapchat

One downside to Snapchat is that it makes it harder to connect with users. You can’t see if someone follows someone else on Snapchat so the best way to promote your own is by sharing it on your other social sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You can even promote it on your blog or to your e-mail subscribers.

Using a QR Code

QR codes are one of the most effective ways to connect with new users on Snapchat. These machine-readable codes allow users to scan your unique QR code and immediately follow you. Sharing your code across other social platforms is a great way to get the word out.

Tracking Results

Unlike Facebook or Pinterest, Snapchat doesn’t have an analytics tool, nor does it have a third party analytics tool. However, there are ways to track results. For example, you can see who viewed your snap, who responded to it, or who is engaging with you via chat.

You can also see how many people viewed your story and how many screenshots were taken. The number by the eye is how many people viewed your story while the number by the arrow-like image is how many screenshots were taken.

To determine a campaigns effectiveness, you can divide the number of snaps opened by the amount of snaps sent.

Don’t let Snapchat marketing overwhelm you! Use this guide to help create a successful – and fun – campaign.

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