YouTube is a fantastic marketing tool and is the second largest search engine in the world. It is behind only Google and tops Bing. Many savvy marketers have found ways to exploit YouTube to build their brands. Here we lay out two tactics to use YouTube to grow your business and sell product:

Create How To Youtube Videos

No matter what you sell, or which services you offer – YouTube can help. Having your videos rank on YouTube can bring in a significant amount of traffic, leads, and sales into your business.


One of the easiest ways to get your videos ranked (and watched) is to create a series of “How To” videos.

  • How To content is being watched more than ever. A recent study showing searches for this type of video increased by over 70% in 2016.
  • Many of these searches coming from millennials (nearly three-quarters). The same research shows that 1-in-3 millennials will purchase a product after watching a How To video tied to that product.

This can be tricky for service businesses. Educating a customer on how to do a job that you offer seems counter-intuitive. But, if you follow the methods of the Home Depot , they often post How To videos of DIY jobs. More complicated projects may get a video too. These companies are quick to point out that the jobs are difficult, costly to do alone, or dangerous, and that a professional should be called in for help.

YouTube 2

This allows you to give your customers a great deal of free content, creating a positive feeling toward your services. When the time comes to call in a pro, you’ll be top of mind.

Just about any product would benefit from a How To series. Never underestimate how little your customers know about your product. Or how to use it. You may love your product, and know it’s every detail. But consumers are blasted with ads for hundreds of products and services every day.

Ask for the Lead

Just because content is free doesn’t mean it comes without a price tag. Most web users know this, so asking them outright for something in return for their free video is well accepted. Don’t be shy about asking for the lead at the end of your How To content:

  • A “subscribe” to your channel
  • Comments, shares, and likes
  • Their email or contact info
  • Them to contact you for help (call, comment, or email)


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