Does your sales team make many sales calls to leads. Do they ever wonder what the best days are to perform these sales calls? Well there is a little science behind it and the Retaliate1st sales team provide their insights on what days and times are best to make sales calls.

Best Days and Times to Make Sales Calls

Wednesday and Thursday are by far the best days to call on prospects, with Friday coming in a distant third. Tuesday is the worst.

Why mid-week?


Perhaps because it is mid-week, and most prospects will have a lull in their responsibilities, motivation, and to-do list. A sales call that would annoy them on Monday morning may be welcome on Wednesday afternoon.

Best Time for Sales Calls

4 pm is the best time of day to call sales leads, by far. Between 8 and 9-am was second, with the rest of the day coming in all over the map.

If you have an important sale to close, wait until the afternoon. This could be because prospects are at their “Weakest” as far as energy. It could result from boredom, similar to the mid-week phenomena. Whatever the reason, batch your most important sales calls for the morning or late afternoon.

Sales Calls and the Follow-Ups

Studies show that nearly 30% of leads are never contacted.


Many salespeople and businesses fear making too many contacts with the same prospect, but the research shows that 6 seems to be the sweet spot for number of follow ups needed before significant contact is made.

  • Making 4+ calls lead to a 70% increase in conversions.
  • 80% of sales require 5+ follow ups
  • Over 60% of customers requesting info on your company will not make a purchase for at least three months, some will take as long as a year to buy. Combine this with the fact that 35% of sales go to the company that makes the first (or most recent) contact.


The fact that so many leads are never followed-up with is startling. If you are hurting for sales, the first thing you should do is make sure your salespeople are following up several times. If you view sales as a long-term process, with many taking almost a year to buy, you will see that consistent follow up is vital to growing your business.

What About Becoming a Pest?

Yes, some salespeople are overly aggressive, or follow up with information that is of no value to the client. There are entire libraries dedicated to the art of the follow up. Pick a few of the best sellers and study them. You can follow up effectively without becoming that damn salesperson again!

In fact, you can learn to make multiple follow up calls and emails, stay in front of your prospect, educate and help them, then make new sales and have a constantly-full sales funnel, without bothering your prospects.


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