Are you feeling like it’s time to rebrand? Maybe your current brand isn’t bringing in the results you’d like or you just think it’s time for a revamp. Either way, rebranding is not easy. Here are some tips and tricks for launching a success one.

A New Name Doesn’t Fix Everything

Changing the name of your business doesn’t mean everything will automatically be fixed – it’s only one component. You don’t necessarily need to change your business name to rebrand, but if you do, be prepared for an initial loss in customers and organic traffic.

Make sure you know your overall rebranding strategy inside and out – use customer insight along with concrete data. Redefine your target audience and find a look and feel of a website that fits that consumer. It may take longer than expected, but it’ll worth it.

Make Sure Your Team Has As Much Information As Possible

When you are ready to share the news with your team, arm them with as much as information as you can. Make sure they know why you are rebranding – and the sooner the better. You’ll want to make sure everyone is prepared!

You’ll Never Be 100 Percent Ready

As with most things in life, nothing is ever 100 percent ready – or perfect. There will always be new bumps in the road and constant need for improvements and changes. But don’t let that stop you and don’t let it drag out your rebrand. You can even try setting a firm date to launch by – even if you aren’t 100 percent ready.

Consider Partnering Up With Someone Recognizable

If you are planning to hire a creative director or brand strategist, partnering with someone of influence can help establish brand recognition. It’s beneficial to both you and the person you are working with. They’ll be able to say they helped you rebrand and in turn, people will trust you.

Less Can Be More

Some brand owners have to tendency to think more is better when it comes to be rebranding, but that often isn’t true. Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to websites and logos.

Let It Take You In Unexpected Directions

Brands often get an idea of what they think the rebrand should look like, but it’s important to be open to other concepts. For example, you may want a bright, vibrant logo but your target audience prefers clean and simple. A creative director or branding firm can help by providing different options you might otherwise not have expected.

And Finally – Celebrate!

Once you finally rebranded, it’s time to celebrate! Rebranding is no easy task and it is not a quick fix. It takes time, a ton of strategy, and a lot of trial and errors – so when that time comes, celebrate it! Celebrate as a team and publicly and take pride in the fact that you just rebranded!

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