It’s impossible to deny that Pinterest is an effective marketing tool. While Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are often the favorites, Pinterest should not be discounted. In fact, Pinterest pins are nearly 100 times more spreadable than tweets and the half-life of a pin is nearly 2,000 times longer than a Facebook post. So, if you haven’t jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon yet, now is the time – and we’re here to help.

The primary focus of Pinterest is not to post images or ideas to followers but rather save ideas or content for later – making it a very effective marketing tool.

Create a Business Account

Before you start your Pinterest marketing journey, the first thing you should do is switch to a business account. Business accounts have added perks that personal accounts lack. For example, a business account allows you to use promoted pins to help increase brand awareness and boost sales.

Once you set up your business page, provide as much information as you can. Choose an image that is on brand – like your logo. And, be sure to include your logo so visitors can easily access your site. Use keywords in your “about me” section, too, to help people searching for those keywords find you.

Create Boards

Now comes the fun part: creating boards. You can create as many boards as you’d like but try and keep them relevant to your brand. For example, if you’re a fashion brand, you may to create boards like “Fashion Inspiration” or “Jacket Inspiration.” That way, users searching for those topics will come across your board.

Track Analytics

With Pinterest, you can track analytics just like other social sites. It’s only available with business accounts and it tells you how many views and how much engagement you are getting. There is also information on your followers and people who viewed your pins.

Make Your Pins Pop

To make your pins stand out, make sure they are visually appealing and contain the right keywords. Choosing the right image size will ensure your pins get noticed.  The best aspect ratio, according to Pinterest, is 2:3 width to 1:3.5 height – meaning pins that are taller than they are wide will stand out the most.

Make sure you choose pins that are on brand. Tasteful branding images – those with small logos or watermarks – will help users stay engaged and can lead to purchases. Use lifestyle images to mix it up – after all, images of your products alone will get boring! You can use your own lifestyle images or those where customers are using your products! Images with text overlays or lists can also help increase engagement.

Promoted Pins

Promoted pins are Pinterest’s version of a paid ad platform. Essentially, you pay to place your pins in front of a larger audience. Creating promoted pins is very easy and can be done through the “Ads” tab on Pinterest. You can target specific audiences and keywords so your promoted pins are shown to the right audience.

Buyable Pins

A fun feature of Pinterest is their “buyable pins” option. Buyable pins allow users to actually buy something directly from that pin. They’re great for impulse purchases and are easily integrated with most e-commerce platforms.

Optimize Your Pins

Another step to effective Pinterest marketing is to optimize your pins. Find the best times to post your pins depending on your audiences habits – this will take some testing. Make sure your customers can easily pin content from your website by integrating “Pin It” buttons to your site.

Engage With Your Audience

Lastly, make sure you engage with your audience. Staying connected with them by re-pinning their pins, reply to comments, comment on your followers’ pins and engage with and follow popular brands to increase your visibility.

With some time, effort, and lots of pins, you’ll be running an efficient and successful Pinterest marketing campaign in time!

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